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Carrie Bakunas Colorado Lending Team

Carrie Bakunas

Loan Officer  //  NMLS #1658297

Carrie Bakunas is an accomplished and dedicated loan officer with over two decades of extensive experience in business and leadership roles. As the Managing Member of Colorado Lending Team, Carrie’s journey is marked by a compelling transition from a successful 25-year tenure in Corporate America to a passion-filled career in the mortgage industry. Joining her husband Scott in the mission to empower individuals and families in their quest for homeownership, she has built a reputation as an effective and caring advocate for her clients.

As a tenacious professional, Carrie is driven by a profound belief that the stress of buying or refinancing a home can be alleviated through clear communication and transparency. It is a standard she sets in every client relationship, as she meticulously educates and coaches her clients, providing them with the information necessary to make well-informed decisions. She ensures that her clients are not only participants in the process but that they are well-versed and confident in their decisions.

Reflective of her commitment to service excellence, “Closing early” stands as her professional motto. This promise underlines her focus on efficiency and the consistent efforts she puts forth to keep the mortgage process smooth and timely. It is a testament to her work ethic, characterized by responsiveness and agility, traits consistently highlighted in glowing client reviews. Carrie has been recognized for her lightning-fast responses and the personalized attention she gives to each client, making them feel like they are her only priority.

Under her stewardship, Colorado Lending Team has been able to offer unique and competitive loan programs. The team’s expertise ranges from assisting first-time homebuyers to managing refinances, and extends to non-conventional loan options like reverse mortgages, no credit score or income verification requirements, and handling cases of recent bankruptcy or foreclosure. This range of services speaks to the team’s agility and versatility in providing tailored solutions to unique client scenarios.

Carrie also leverages her professional experience as a certified Military Mortgage Bootcamp instructor. In this role, she trains real estate professionals on how to assist veterans in effectively using their earned VA benefits. This commitment to education extends beyond her clients and into the broader industry, reinforcing her role as a thought leader and advocate.

Her academic credentials, including studying at the University of Oklahoma, add to the rich tapestry of her professional profile. However, it is her dedication to making a positive impact on her clients’ lives, her drive for industry excellence, and her tireless advocacy that truly sets Carrie Bakunas apart in the mortgage industry. Her career is not just a testament to her professional acumen but an ongoing narrative of passion, dedication, and unwavering client service. 477-3889
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Carrie Bakunas Colorado Lending Team

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