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Single Women Lead Homebuying Trends

It’s a trend that’s shaping the housing market: an increasing number of single women are leaping into homeownership. Data from the National Association of Realtors (NAR) reveals that single women make up 19% of all homebuyers, outpacing single men who account for just 10%.

If you’re single, let this give you hope! You don’t have to have dual income to find a place to call home.

Why Homeownership Resonates with Single Women

For many women, buying a house is more than securing a roof over their heads—it’s a strategic financial move. Property tends to appreciate over time, making homeownership a savvy investment for growing personal wealth.

Beyond the financial perks, owning a home offers a sense of security and independence that’s truly transformative. And while the financial aspect is significant, the personal reasons for buying a home often weigh just as heavily.

single women homebuying chart

The NAR report reveals various motivations behind single women’s decision to buy, underscoring that the drive to own a home is multifaceted and deeply personal. If one or more of these reasons resonate with you, maybe now is your time to consider homeownership.

Finding the Right Home as a Single Woman

single women homebuyersBuying a home as a single woman in today’s market is definitely doable. The key? Having top-notch experts in your corner.

Open up about your goals and what owning a home means to you. With this understanding, your real estate agent can prioritize your needs throughout the search, ensuring you land a home that aligns with your life and aspirations. They’ll be your advocate, helping you navigate offers and negotiations, with the end goal of turning your homeownership plan into a place to call home.

How Do I Get Started?

Having a home of your own is a game-changer, regardless of your relationship status. If you’re ready to explore the housing market, chat with Carrie today! She will discuss your goals and help you create a clear path to homeownership.

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